ZZ Top La Grange Guitar Lesson


Well here we have it, one of the most requested solos I have ever had at GL365. All of those requests have come in for good reason, the main solo for “La Grange” by ZZ Top shows Billy Gibbons in top form and absolutely killing it.

In this La Grange guitar solo lesson I will break down the entire main solo note-for-note including the interlude that happens at the end.

You are in for some fun stuff with this one. Fast pentatonic licks, slippery slides, delicate bends, hybrid picking and more. All of these techniques are thrown into this epic La Grange guitar solo by the great Billy Gibbons.

I suggest learning to play the entire solo in phrases, which is how I break it up in the lesson. Master each bite size piece before moving on to the next. Then slowly put all of those pieces together and you will eventually have the entire solo down.

As with anything on the guitar that is a bit advanced, take your time and try to absorb not only the techniques required but also the sound of each individual phrase. It is much easier to memorize how to play a piece of music when you are very familiar with it’s sound.

Even though I now have the main riff and solo for La Grange taught here at GL365, there are still more parts to be learned including the outro solo. In order to teach the entire song, I need your help in getting this solo lesson video 600 “likes” on YouTube.

In the meantime, don’t hurt yourself learning one of the greatest guitar solos ever recorded! 🙂

ZZ Top La Grange is a classic song.

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