I have been watching updates of this recording and DVD to be released on facebook for months. This is so exciting because there is not much Whitesnake music available that has John Sykes on guitar and the late Jon Lord (Deep Purple) playing his last Whitesnake gig on keyboards. The band even has legendary late drummer Cozy Powell (Jeff Beck Group, Rainbow, MSG, Gary Moore, Black Sabbath) as well as bassist Neil Murray (Black Sabbath, Gary Moore).

This was the period where David Coverdale was really reinventing in which direction that he wanted to take Whitesnake in. There are early classics that can be heard including ‘Love Ain’t No Stranger’, ‘Slow An’ Easy’ and ‘Crying In The Rain’. It even has the Deep Purple classic, ‘Soldier of Fortune’ which David Coverdale wrote with Richie Blackmore.

It is really neat to listen to some live Whitesnake with John Sykes shredding. Sykes is credited as an inspiration to many guitar players that came after him. It is hard to find John Sykes material out there so when an album like this gets released it is a true treat for guitar fans. John Sykes does a wonderful job in ‘Crying In The Rain’ where his skills are clearly showcased.

The bottom line is that this album is a must for Whitesnake fans and every single guitar player that wants inspiration.


  1. Gambler
  2. Guilty Of Love
  3. Love Ain’t No Stranger
  4. Ready An’ Willing
  5. Slow An’ Easy
  6. Crying In The Rain
  7. Guitar Solo
  8. Soldier Of Fortune
  9. Drum Solo
  10. Ain’t No Love In The Heart of the City
  11. Don’t Break My Heart Again

Bonus tracks

Jon Lord’s Final Performance with Whitesnake: medley of

Gambler, Guilty Of Love, Love Ain’t No Stranger, Ready An’ Willing

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