Whitesnake Burns Deep Purple HOT

Whitesnake Burns Deep Purple HOT

As I write this blog I am listening to The Purple Album by Whitesnake for the 50th time (or more). It is difficult to put into words how I feel about this album because it just makes my days better and better. I can recall being introduced to Deep Purple at a young age by my father and it was at that time that I became a huge Richie Blackmore fan. After all just listen to 95% of the guitarists that came after Blackmore and take note that they all play the way that they play because of his innovative style. Listen to Reb Beach parts on this album and experience it for yourself.

We have already discussed on this site how Reb Beach and Joel Hoekstra are a dynamic duo in Whitesnake. In fact we have read in other sources where they are considered a dynamic duo. From the tasteful, heartfelt licks and unique speedy fretboard taps of Reb Beach to the classically inspired phrases of Joel Hoekstra the two players have proven to have some of the best team work in the music business.

Let’s talk about the music.

We already saw strong previews with the YouTube music videos for Burn, Lay Down Stay Down, Soldier of Fortune and Stormbringer so we knew this was going to incredible I have to start out by saying that Burn is one of my all-time top favorite Deep Purple songs and if you want to know why just listen to the guitar solo. Reb and Joel just nailed the extended guitar solo and keyboard parts on it in a unique fashion. That alone made us aware that they are going to dominate this thing.

Sail Away and Soldier of Fortunate were done with elegance and display beautiful acoustic musicianship. Love Child has a traditional Whitesnake sound but also has that Deep Purple intensity. Lady Double Dealer continues the Deep Purple intensity and is a great choice for a cover song on this album. It is cool how Might Just Take Your Life is done here with a strut like introduction. Lay Down Stay Down is just yet another example of guitar genius on this recording. Reb Beach and Joel Hoekstra do all of the right things on Stormbringer that define exactly every single thing that I love about these guys.

The deluxe version of Whitesnake The Purple Album is the one to buy.

The album has two bonus tracks Lady Luck and the party themed Comin’ Home. These are great additions to the album and add serious value. Anytime I can hear guitar work from Reb Beach and/or Joel Hoekstra I consider it a huge bonus.

David Coverdale has made it clear that the reason for this record is to pay tribute and thanks to Deep Purple for launching his career and making him the great artist that he is today. In my opinion this recording is on fire. The fire is so hot that it burns Deep Purple hot and that is a fact.

1. Burn
2. You Fool No One (Interpolating Itchy Fingers)
3. Love Child
4. Sail Away
5. The Gypsy
6. Lady Double Dealer
7. Mistreated
8. Holy Man
9. Might Just Take Your Life
10. You Keep On Moving
11. Soldier Of Fortune
12. Lay Down Stay Down
13. Stormbringer
14. Lady Luck (Bonus Track)
15. Comin Home (Bonus Track)

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