Tony MacAlpine November 2014 Guitar Player of the Month


A true virtuoso on the guitar and other instruments Tony MacAlpine has proven to be a master musician. He is an instrumental rock musician that has also played with other bands including a tenure in Steve Vai’s band.  He was raised in Springfield, Massachussets and was widely inspired by classical music. He was part of the wave of guitar heroes that were recording artists for Shrapnel records along with Greg Howe, Jason Becker, Richie Kotzen, Marty Friedman and others.

My first discovery of MacAlpine was seeing him on a tour as part of Steve Vai’s band. I later listened to his music on Pandora radio. I later studied some his videos to get a better understanding of his style. Tony is in a league of his own when comes to playing guitar as evident in his style. He plays Ibanez guitars and is always seen shredding away different models.

MacAlpine has played keyboards in some projects as well. His new album “Concrete Gardens’ is due out soon. We enjoy Tony’s playing style as he is the ultimate shredder. The man not only can tap and sweep like a god but he incorporates both techniques together.  You really have to see and hear it to believe it. Just last month I was fortunate enough to see Tony live as he played in my area. He plays with perfection and his ability is unmatched by most. It is my pleasure to announce Tony MacAlpine as the digital guitar player of the month for November 2014.

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