Tony MacAlpine 2014


On October 15, 2014 one of the most technically advanced guitar players on the planet arrived at Roxy and Dukes Roadhouse Lounge in Dunellen, NJ just a short 15 minute drive from my location. This was exciting since the only other time that I saw Tony MacAlpine was when he toured with Steve Vai. When I met Tony I was telling him the story about how I first him with Steve Vai and later started hearing his music on Pandora radio on the Steve Vai channel that I setup. It was great to hear Tony play his ‘Maximum Security’ album in full since I first heard those tracks on Pandora radio.

Let me tell you, Tony MacAlpine brought the heat on that night. He is currently touring in support of his upcoming album release. On the road with Tony are Aquiles Priester (Midas Fate, Noturnall, Primal Fear, Angra) on drums and Bjorn Englen (Soul Sign, Dio Disciples, Yngwie Malmsteen, Uli Jon Roth, Quiet Riot) on bass (both extraordinary musicians). It was a personal bonus for me to see these two because I am a huge fan of their other work as well. Tony MacAlpine proved yet again to be one of the most systematic guitar players out there. It seems that every move is calculated which is rightfully so. I mean I said this multiple times and will say it again. “How does someone tap and sweep at the same time?”

I met with Tony, took a picture and even connected with his manager, Mike also a class act. I went home in the best mood feeling accomplished and honored to meet the great Tony MacAlpine.


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