Steve Bello – Guitar Player of The Month

Steve Bello – Guitar Player of The Month

Steve Bello

Last summer I had the pleasure of attending a George Lynch (Lynch Mob) concert in New Jersey where I got to see an incredible opening act. The opening act was the Steve Bello Band led by 7 string guitar wizard Steve Bello our January 2016 guitar player of the month. Steve Bello hails from northern New Jersey where he is a guitar instructor, performer and recording artist.

Steve Bello has a very unique and creative style of music where he tends to experiment with sounds by utilizing not only a 7 string guitar but shredding techniques and various pedals.

A little about Steve Bello…

He has been playing for over 37 years and is influenced by the likes of Led Zeppelin, Rush, Black Sabbath, Living Colour, Pantera, Steve Vai, Metallica, Al DiMeola, Alex Lifeson, Paco DeLucia, Eliot Fisk, Prince, Adrian Belew, Robin Trower. This is just to name a few (very few).

Steve is endorsed by Ibanez guitars, Von York Strings, Morley pedals, Digitech pedals, Swiss Picks, Spectraflex cables, Orange amplifiers, & Metal-Shop Pedal Boards. When he is not recording or playing live he works as a guitar teacher. He can be seen in guitar magazines like Guitar Player magazine doing advertisements for Von York guitar strings.

A true music lover can really appreciate what Bello is expressing in his music because it is designed to tell a story and create a purpose. Listen to songs like “Nuclear Paradise”, “Burn The Sky”, “Postcards From Mars” and one will really have to think deep about the music. Steve has told me he has learned his tap licks from the likes of Steve Vai and Reb Beach (Winger/Whitesnake). He even told us that he basically wants to do something different and be a unique kind of player. This is very evident in his playing.

Steve Bello is currently out promoting his latest release “Layers of Time” an album where he put extra special work into as he wrote virtually every part of the album himself. An article for has described how Steve’s sound is evolving with this album. Check out some more of Steve Bello’s music here.

Connect with Steve Bello on facebook, twitter or his website.

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