Rob Balducci 821 Monroe Drive

Rob Balducci 821 Monroe Drive

Last month Digital Guitar Player crowned Rob Balducci as the guitar player of the month. We promised to review more Rob Balducci related release. 821 Monroe Drive is Balducci’s latest album release in which he pays tribute to his childhood home. Every song in this recording has a purpose and a meaning that relates to the early life of Rob Balducci. It is always neat to watch an artist pay tribute to their roots and use that as an inspiration to create music.

Rob Balducci gets really melodic and showcases many of his influences on this recording.

The title track is influenced by Led Zeppelin and Jimmy Page as explained by Balducci himself. Natalie Rose is a song about his niece that sadly passed away a couple of years ago. There is so much emotion and feel throughout the tracks. It is a beautiful tribute and story that can be heard through the expression in his playing. Three Words is also a melodic yet aggressive track on the album that even has a little bit of a Steve Vai influence (we think so at least). There are some nice melodic ballads such as Foreign Matter where Rob has nice use of the wah pedal. As Castle In The Air comes on you feel the energy of the recording shift to a new gear and the intensity continues. Step Into Liquid offers the same intensity that we just talked about. In general this recording is a home run and the best way to understand it is to follow along with the description of each song that Rob has posted on YouTube.

Look there are a lot of incredible guitar albums that are being released constantly. In fact it becomes difficult to keep track of what is great and what is unique because there is just so much talent in this space. Rob Balducci is unique in his own right and it can be heard in his playing. Steve Vai once said that “you have to have the goods and an effective players has that ability to perform and emotional investment and Rob has got a really good balance of that”. So go check out the recording and get inspired by this great player and also be on the lookout for some Jeff Beck and David Gilmour like phrases.


Name Artist Time Price

Creation 9 Rob Balducci 4:00 $0.99 View In iTunes

821 Monroe Drive Rob Balducci 6:03 $0.99 View In iTunes

Three Words Rob Balducci 4:37 $0.99 View In iTunes

Foreign Matter Rob Balducci 6:12 $0.99 View In iTunes

Castle in the Air Rob Balducci 5:47 $0.99 View In iTunes

Natalie Rose Rob Balducci 5:00 $0.99 View In iTunes

Burrata Rob Balducci 5:32 $0.99 View In iTunes

Step Into Liquid Rob Balducci 4:40 $0.99 View In iTunes

Not Enough Rob Balducci 4:31 $0.99 View In iTunes

Ruled By the Moon Rob Balducci 6:34 $0.99 View In iTunes

Majik Cat Rob Balducci 3:49 $0.99 View In iTunes

Empress Redux (Bonus Track) Rob Balducci 6:10 $0.99 View In iTunes
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    • Stan Sher says:

      Yes I will be glad to. I will follow my standard process of listening to it three times and do a write up. Keep the greatness coming my friend. Thanks.

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