Return to Forever Returns

This is so random but who cares, right? That is why we put this in the random thoughts section. Every once in a while we like to listen to random music on Spotify.  Spotify is incredible because there is so much music that gets discovered that has not been heard before by us.  So anyway we stumbled upon this ridiculous fusion or jazz or whatever your readers want to call it album by Return to Forever. Return to Forever is a collaboration of some of the greatest musicians in the jazz and fusion styles.  The lineup consisted of various class act musicians over the last thirty plus years.  This album is called ‘Return to Forever Returns” and features the incredible line up of Chick Corea (Keyboards), Stanley Clarke (Bass), Al Di Meola (Guitar), and Lenny White (Drums). Yea we were not kidding when we said that this is a ridiculous album.

Return to Forever Returns was released on March 17, 2009 and highlights performances from the tour that these fine gentlemen were on. A video of a show from Montreux was released with bonus footage from their Clearwater, FL. So while working on other projects and enjoying a nice cold unsweetened green iced tea at Starbucks our editor, Stan Sher was listening to this album while experience pure bliss. Can you go wrong with these musicians? Al Di Meola? Stanley Clarke? Lenny White? Chick Corea? These men are four of the greatest musicians from the last four decades and beyond.  Each a master of their instrument.

Let’s talk about Al Di Meola since this is a guitar driven blog.  While Al’s playing is clearly heard on all of the tracks pay attention to the fourth track ‘Sorceress’ where his various styles and techniques come alive. Al Di Meola has influenced John Petrucci (Dream Theater), Richie Sambora (Bon Jovi) and even Yngwie Malmsteen just to name a few.  If you have not heard of Al Di Meola we suggest you explore his catalog and go get inspired.

We found the track list on wikipedia:

Disc one

  1. “Opening Prayer” (Corea) – 2:03
  2. “Hymn of the Seventh Galaxy” (Corea) – 3:43
  3. “Vulcan Worlds” (Clarke) – 13:45
  4. “Sorceress” (White) – 11:22
  5. “Song to the Pharaoh Kings” (Corea) – 27:13
  6. Al’s Solo, including (Corea, DiMeola, Piazzolla) – 8:54
    • “Children’s Song #3” duet with Chick Corea
    • “Passion Grace & Fire”
    • “Mediterranean Sundance”
    • “Café 1930”
    • Spain” duet with Chick Corea
  7. “No Mystery” (Corea) – 8:52

Disc two

  1. “Friendship” Chick’s Solo, including ‘Solar’ (Corea, Davis) – 8:52
  2. “Romantic Warrior” (Corea) – 7:19
  3. “El Bayo de Negro” Stanley’s Solo (Clarke) – 11:25
  4. “Lineage” Lenny’s Solo (White) – 7:39
  5. “Romantic Warrior” (continued) (Corea) – 3:03
  6. “Duel of the Jester and the Tyrant” (Corea) – 14:03

Bonus tracks

  1. “500 Miles High” (Corea) – 12:48
  2. “BBC Lifetime Achievement Award to RTF as presented by Sir George Martin, including a performance of ‘Romantic Warrior'” – 8:20

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