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The 1980s was a decade that has introduced some of the most incredible guitar players on the planet.  One of these guitar players is Reb Beach.  Reb Beach is a Pittsburgh, PA native with that got his start as a session guitar player recording solos and lead guitar work for some of the biggest names in music including Fiona, Twisted Sister, The Bee Gees, Alice Cooper and many others.  He is best known as the lead guitar player of the rock band, Winger since the beginning.  when not touring and recording with Winger he is also one of the guitarists in Whitesnake since 2003.

Winger has released their newest album, Better Days Coming’ just a few months ago.  The album continues to prove how great the band is and how beautifully Reb plays the guitar.  Reb has developed a unique playing style that incorporates frequent use of two-handed fret board tapping, harmonics and the whammy bar.  In fact, Reb has explained on numerous interviews and instructional videos the reason why he uses tapping a lot.  He claims that he is meek and has a hard time playing fast.  In order to play fast he has developed a unique tapping style that includes holding the fret board with the thumb and pinky while hiding the pick inside the index finger and tapping with the middle finger.  To get a better understanding of what it sounds like just listen to the famous Winger song, Seventeen.

Why are we fans of Reb Beach?

The first piece of media that was acquired was the Dokken DVD, “Live from the Sun”.  Reb was in Dokken for the, “Erase the Slate” album.  When seeing and hearing how Reb played the title track, “Erase the Slate” we were blown away.  Since then we got our hands on any recording that has Reb Beach playing guitar.  In fact, our editor Stan Sher has him ranked in his personal top 10 list of favorite guitar players.

Here is a small sampling of recordings that we believe are some of his best.

Winger – Better Days Comin’
Dokken – Erase the Slate
Reb Beach – Masquerade
The Mob – The Mob
Guitar Battle (compilation)
Winger – Winger
Winger – In the Heart of the Young
Winger – Pull

Reb’s Gear:

In the good ole days he was using Ibanez guitars.  However, for many recent years he has been playing Suhr guitars. In fact he even has his own custom models.  A floyd rose tremolo system is a must for his style of playing.  As far as amps are concerned,  he is known to use the following (according to

– Custom Audio Electronics OD100 Amps

– Marshall Master Volume Mark Two 1976 heads, Suhr modded (previously used for entire career)

– Guild Hartke bass head with a TC electronics multi effects unit (cleans)

– Mesa Boogie 4×12 speaker cabinets (30 watt Celestions)

Pedals and Effects (

Voodoo Lab Pedal Power power supply

Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2+ Power Supply

– Fulltone Fat Boost

Fulltone Fatboost 3 Fb-3 Guitar Effects Pedal Silver

– Digitech Digital Delay pedal

Digitech Digidelay Digital Delay Pedal

– Boss TU-2 Chromatic Tuner

Boss Tu-3 Chromatic Pedal Tuner

– Boss LS-2 Line Selector

Boss Ls-2 Line Selector/Power Supply

– Digitech Whammy II

Digitech Whammy Pitch-Shifting Guitar Effects Pedal

– Danelectro Dan-Echo delay

Danelectro De-1 Dan-Echo Guitar Pedal

– Boss MT-2 Metal Zone distortion

Boss Mt-2 Metal Zone Effects Pedal

– Dunlop Crybaby Wah pedal

Dunlop Original Crybaby Wah Pedal

– Morley A-B box

Morley Aby Channel Switcher

– Boss Overdrive pedal (was replaced with MT-2)

Boss Super Overdrive Sd-1 Pedal

– OD100 switchbox

*Please note that these might have been changed or modified since 2009.

Our editor, Stan Sher recently saw Winger in Concert in New York City a few months ago and reports that “Reb Beach is incredible as ever”.  We invite readers to explore some of these videos to real understand what a great player Reb Beach is.  He is currently on tour with Winger and these shows should not be missed.

Enjoy some Reb Beach videos here:

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