Random Guitar Collaboration Thought


So normally an article like this might be an album review but since this is a guitar blog we are catering mostly to guitar players.  Upon listening to an album by an incredible keyboardist, Derek Sherinian (ex Dream Theater, Alice Cooper) we noticed some of our favorite guitar players.  The album is called ‘Oceana” and has Tony MacAlpine, Steve Lukather, Steve Stevens, Doug Aldrich and Joe Bonamassa. The fact that it is a Derek Sherinian album is the sole fact that it needs to be listened to. However, add these fine gentlemen taking duty on guitar for these tracks and you have an underrated masterpiece.  The album was released on September 5, 2011. We highly suggest that every guitar player listens to and adds this to their collection. In fact, if you play the keys (keyboards, synthesizers, piano) you need to listen to Derek Sherian. If you are a drummer this is a must because Simon Phillips takes full drum duty on this record.

Again, our focus here is to display this amazing collaboration of guitar players.  Sadly, they do not get to all play together on the tracks as each one is used on a different track so consider it a compilation album if you will.  We urge you to check out Derek’s other albums because he has monster guitar players in all of them. So after everything, is this not a random guitar thought? We at Digital Guitar Player are proud to discuss music that gets missed by many.  Enjoy some of the tracks that we post on here from the album.

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