PRS Brushstroke 24

front Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 1.55.31 PM

Our editor, Stan Sher has been on a huge PRS kick this summer.  In fact he has been contemplating on downsizing his guitar collection and trading up to a nice new PRS guitar.  The coincidence is that today we discovered some PRS news.  According to the PRS website they will be building and selling only 200 of these fine guitars for a small batch run. The guitar is the PRS Brushstroke 24. The website also states this is based on Paul’s guitar, a guitar that he is currently playing in the studio and on stage.  It has 24 frets and “brushstroke” inlay designs.

Guitar players can expect this beauty in several colors including Aquableux, Black Gold, Blood Orange, Faded Whale Blue, Jade, Obsidian, Red Tiger, Violet.  We would love to get our hands on one of these guitars and test out the sounds.  We are told that this guitar has sweet high and low tones.

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