New Pink Floyd Recording ‘Endless River’ Not What We Expected


Pink Floyd has surprised everyone by announcing a new release a few months ago. Well ‘Endless River’ is here. It sure is nice to hear that David Gilmour guitar tone as well as the traditional musical compositions of Pink Floyd. I am not going to lie when I say that I was a bit disappointed in the album when I scrolled through all of the tracks and heard only one song with lyrics. I remember Pink Floyd to be a song driven band with great lyrics.

The thing that kept my excitement up is listening to the well-composed musical masterpieces and again David Gilmour’s guitar work. Gilmour has that beautiful unmatched tone. ‘It’s What We Do’, ‘Allons-y (1), ‘Allons-y (2)’, ‘Talkin’ Hawkin’, ‘Nervana’. David Gilmour and Nick Mason have done a great job assembling this recording.


The only lyrical song, ‘Louder Than Words’ could not have been created any better. While approaching the end of the album the song gave life to the album. Gilmour delivers a beautiful, melodic guitar solo in the song once again proving that he owns his tone. ‘Endless River’ can very easily be an album used for backing tracks for guitar players that want to jam or a Broadway show that music composed. It might have to take fans a few listens to form an opinion. Musically the album is incredible but only if you are into instrumentals.

Track List

Side 1

Things Left Unsaid

It’s What We Do

Ebb And Flow

Side 2





Side 3

The Lost Art Of Conversation

On Noodle Street

Night Light

Allons-y (1)

Autumn ‘68

Allons-y (2)

Talkin’ Hawkin’

Side 4


Eyes To Pearls


Louder Than Words

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