Mariusz Goli


Every so often as we look or inspiration we find talented guitar players that we feel are “Up and coming”.  For our February 2014 “Up and coming” guitarist of the month we choose Mariusz Goli.  He is a street artist born in Poznan, Poland and according to his website has been playing guitar since he was 15.

We believe that with greater online exposure Mariusz Goli has the makings of a guitar hero.  There are many brilliant classical guitar players out there.  In fact it is one of the most difficult guitars to play.  It is impressive to see Mariusz Goli do things on a classical guitar that most rock guitar players do on electric guitars.  There is a video of where he plays the guitar left handed as well.  He might posses similar skill to Michael Angelo Batio.  We are honored to salute and support him this month.

According to his Facebook page Mariusz Goli has a performance coming up in March.  We highly suggest checking him out live if you are in the area.

In the meantime, please enjoy these videos of his performance.

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