A few days ago we noticed that Tony MacAlpine was playing two towns over. We decided that it was the right opportunity to go see him and meet him. As usual when arriving at a concert there is an opening act. In this case, LoNero was opening the show. This was a unique band because it is very uncommon to see a band with not one, not two but three guitar players. The band plays guitar oriented music otherwise known as Guitarcore (invented by the band in 2007) with the leader, Bill Lonero as lead guitar player. All five members of the band were really tight as they brought. The band hails from Santa Clara, CA and is currently on tour. We can tell by image and sound how each guitar player in this band is influenced. For example, the newest member and third guitarist Naseer Abdalla is obviously influenced by John Petrucci (our current guitarist of the month) as evident by his choice of instrument and even image. While Bill Lonero played most of the lead guitar we got a chance to hear James Manili, the second guitar player play.

The rest of the band including drummer, Marco Bicca and bass player, Mike McKaigg kept it together providing a solid rhythm section. This band is a must listen to for guitar enthusiasts all over the world. At the end of the show our very own Stan Sher had a chance to meet Bill Lonero to learn more about the band. Bill is a great guy with a passion for music. He told Stan about how he recorded with Stu Hamm around ten years ago as well as discussed his influences. When listening to Bill play one can hear multiple influences as he incorporates techniques made popular by some of the guitar players that came before him. Anyone attending a Tony MacAlpine show might have a chance to catch Lonero as an opening act on the some of the shows. We hope to see them come around the east coast again soon.

Check out Lonero:


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