John Petrucci – October 2014


It has been a huge year for the Digital Guitar Player of the month for October 2014 with the release of his band’s new live album and DVD ‘Breaking the Fourth Wall (Live from the Boston Opera House)‘ just yesterday and a current tour supporting Dream Theater’s title album. We were looking for the right time to celebrate John Petrucci and could not think of a better time. Our Altered View guitarist of the month is also one of the John’s biggest fans so readers can rest assure that there will be plenty of John Petrucci and Dream Theater content this month.

I first discovered Dream Theater in my teens while renting music CDs at his local public library. I remember turning on the ‘Awake‘ album and just sitting there with my jaw dropped as I listen to the album three times. In fact within three years I also became one of the biggest fans of Dream Theater and my father even purchased the ‘Rock Discipline‘ VHS tape. When I watched what John was doing with his metronome exercises I realized that I am not worthy. John Petrucci is perhaps one of the greatest rock guitar players of the last two centuries. He is easily at the level of Joe Satriani and Steve Vai which is probably why he was on many G3 tours. For equipment, I know that he always experiments with tone but he has his own custom made guitars by Ernie Ball Music Man.

Listen to his playing and take note of his influences that include Al Di Meola, Steve Morse and Alex Lifeson among many others. John Petrucci has some very tasty phrases and note choices in his playing. For a guitar player that can literally dominate the world with his playing he always appears humble and soft spoken. In fact, his tone and style is very melodic. Dream Theater has been touring and recording since 1986 and unfortunately never had much airplay. However, it is refreshing to watch the band pick up more steam with every new release. This month they are continuing their tour starting in Brazil tomorrow. John has also been involved in the Liquid Tension Experiment as well as recording his own solo album ‘Suspended Animation‘ We highly suggest listening to any recording that has included Petrucci and there will be no question why we choose John Petrucci to be our guitar player of the month this time.

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