John Denner


We would like to announce the incredible John Denner as our August 2014 (Altered View) guitar player of the month.  We are always scoping out YouTube to find incredible guitar players.  It is not always about sitting there and fantasizing about how much we wish we were as awesome as Steve Vai.  We look for inspiration that fuels emotions which empower us to appreciate what we have.

From the research that we did on John Denner we learned that he is from Connecticut.  We learn that he is inspired by Eddie Van Halen, Ace Frehley and many others.  He is a guitar instructor and can be seen teaching lessons for Hal Leonard publishing.  From the looks and sounds of it he plays an Ernie Ball Eddie Van Halen guitar.

John Denner is an example of a gifted guitar player that is able to do things with one hand that many are not able to do with two hands.  We found a video of John covering Eruption by Eddie Van Halen which melted our faces off.  The whole point of this message is to inspire and spread the message that anyone can do anything.  We should never let obstacles get in the way of being great.  Thank you to John Denner for being a prime example of this message.


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