Joel Hoekstra

Joel Hoekstra

(Editor Note: This article was originally written in March of 2015 and has been updated due to unforeseen circumstances.)

The timing is just perfect for us to announce this month’s guitar player of the month. Why you ask. Last month we featured Doug Aldrich. This month we would like to feature Joel Hoekstra because not only is he a force to be reckoned with on guitar but he is also the replacement for Doug Aldrich in Whitesnake. Joel brings a whole new energy to the band coming from Night Ranger where he shared guitar shredding duties with guitar great Brad Gillis. Joel is also a guitar player in Trans Siberian Orchestra.

It is interesting to note that Joel replaced Reb Beach in Night Ranger and years later now they are together playing a band.

Joel Hoekstra has a few solo albums released over the years. He is different from many guitar players because he plays in numerous different styles. Aside from TSO he even played in the broadway musicial Rock of Ages. He has also played with Foreigner, Dee Snider, Jeff Scott Soto, Jim Peterik, The Turtles and Big Brother & the Holding Company.

We urge readers to check out the videos that we are posting in this article to really understand how dynamic Hoekstra is as a musician. Take note of his 8 finger tapping style and the melodies that he creates.

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