Joe Bonamassa – September 2014


Before we go to far let’s think about this. An American born blues guitar player that was influenced by the European blues guitar legends such as Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, Gary Moore and Rory Gallagher.  The same players that were originally influenced by American blues giants that came before them.  From America to Europe and back so to speak.  Joe Bonamassa is heavily influenced by British and Irish blues. This can be heard in his playing and seen in the equipment that he uses.

We at Digital Guitar Player would like to crown Joe Bonamassa our September 2014 guitar player of the month.  Bonamassa is currently on tour and about to hit Australia.  For those that have not heard of Joe perhaps you have heard of a short lived supergroup that he played in called Black Country Communion with Jason Bonham (Drums), Derek Sherinian (Keyboards) and the legendary Glenn Hughes (Vocals and Bass).

We love his modern blues sound and the fact that he is a very diverse player. Most blues players are limited in what and how they can play. Joe Bonamassa possess a style that allows him to explore the guitar at great heights. Take notice of him performing live in a video that we include on this post he has little Eric Johnson like moments when he plays fast. He does all of this on a Gibson Les Paul.  Joe has released 10 solo albums and is actually going to be releasing another album later this month. Stay tuned for the review.

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