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We are proud to feature Jay Harris as our February 2014 (Altered View) guitar player of the month.  It is amazing how much talent is out there on this planet.  What is even more amazing is how much talent is overlooked by the media.  We at Digital Guitar Player started the Altered View section to honor gifted guitar players that do not have it as easy as the rest of the guitar playing community.  When we saw how Jay Harris can shred we had to give him the love and respect that he deserves.

While searching for talent and inspiration on YouTube we come across plenty of content with music, guitar lessons, reviews and so much more.  This is very interesting because Jay Harris can really shred.  Jay is the guitar player in a band called Chainbreak3r.  According to their Facebook page Chainbreak3r is “an old school guitar driven rock band with a message”.  The band is religious and based out of Dallas, TX.  According to some content written under a video on YouTube, Jay Harris is “battling a neuromuscular disease for years that has completely ravaged the muscles in his hands”.

We consider Jay to be an inspiration to all mankind.  It takes a lot of strength and courage to avoid thinking about a disease by overcoming it with a passion in life.  While many people out there complain and look for excuses Jay Harris plays the guitar at a level that many other people just could never imagine playing.  It is a tremendous gift when someone can make their passion rise above all other troubles that interfere with their lives.  We hope that our readers are as inspired as we are as we praise Jay Harris.

Please watch some of these videos and prepare to be amazed, humbled and appreciative of what Jay Harris is capable of doing on the guitar.

2 comments on “Jay Harris
  1. John Borelli says:

    I’ve personally known Jay (and the band) since 2004….I can only say that I have often been amazed and overwhelmed at how much of an overcomer he has been. His hands fingers when relaxed fold inward as apposed to normally resting stretched out and yet he can play so well just the same….He’s always believed in the message and has never stopped pressing on no matter what….absolutely inspiring when compared the the ‘little’ problems of car payments and such in life lol….keep rockin’ Jay 😉

    • digitalguitarplayer says:

      Thanks for your response. He is talented and I hope he knows that I did this write up to honor him. Thanks.

      Stan Sher
      Digital Guitar Player

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