Jacob Heldenbrand


It is just mind blowing what you can find on YouTube these days.  We spend time looking for guitar talent with people that have an altered way of playing.  Meet Jacob Heldenbrand, an aspiring scientist that plays guitar for fun.  He is such an inspiration.  He started playing guitar years after an accident would cause him to lose an arm. We started looking for him all over the internet and could not find much because there are so many other people named Jacob Heldenbrand that play guitar as well. We urge our readers to please be inspired and consider that you can always do whatever you put your mind to. We are proud to name Jacob our Altered View guitar player of the month for September 2014.

2 comments on “Jacob Heldenbrand
  1. Jacob Heldenbrand says:

    Hey, I like the post, but my last name is spelled “Heldenbrand”. Thanks

    • digitalguitarplayer says:


      I apologize as I was not able to find the spelling anywhere else. I will make adjustments now. Thanks.

      Stan Sher
      Digital Guitar Player

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