Every Thin Lizzy Guitar Solo 1971 – 1983


We came across this very cool video thanks to VH1.com as part of a piece called
“What’s Better Than One Thin Lizzy Guitar Solo? Every Thin Lizzy Guitar Solo In One Video!”

We love it because not only are we die hard Thin Lizzy fans but we love the guitar work the band has produced.  They are one of the original rock bands that produce that harmonic double guitar sound.  Just take a look at who played in the band.  We are talking Eric Bell, Scott Gorham, Brian Roberston, Gary Moore, Snowy White and John Sykes.


Listen to this video of guitar solos.  Get excited about how amazing these players are.  After the music sinks in go research each player individually.  For example John Sykes has also played in Whitesnake among other bands.  Gary Moore had a long successful solo career and is one of the greatest guitar players to ever live.  Brian Robertson also played in Motorhead. Eric Bell played in the Noel Redding (Yes, you guessed it Jimi Hendrix Experience) Band.  Snowy White played with Pink Floyd members Richard Wright and Roger Waters.  Do we need to say more?  These fine lads have all lent their talent to many projects that produced great music.  While Thin Lizzy has been greatly underrated these musicians need to be listened to and used as inspiration for any aspiring guitar player looking to take it to the next level.

Please enjoy…

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