Dream Theater – Breaking The Forth Wall

dream theater breaking the fourth wall - copia

Our digital guitar player of the month, John Petrucci has been in the headlines yet again as Dream Theater released a brand new album recently. This album showcases an intense setlist from their current tour. Dream Theater played a show at the Boston Opera House with the backing of an orchestra provided by Berklee College of Music.  We were fortunate to catch Dream Theater on this tour within a few days of this show so we were excited to hear about the release of this CD and DVD. The tour was to promote their self titled album ‘Dream Theater’. The band proves yet again that they can keep growing a fan base and conquering the progressive metal scene. The setlist is lengthy but the band was creative in celebrating the new album as well as the 20th anniversary of the ‘Awake’ album with a section of the setlist dedicated to playing track off that album.

Anyone that has read the feature story of John Petrucci knows that he is one of the top guitar players in rock today. We cannot even give examples of any individual song on this live album because he showcases his playing everywhere. Check out this wonderful album and continue to get inspired by this band.

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