Dick Wagner Rock Guitarist Dies at 71

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Dick Wagner was best known for his work with Alice Cooper, Lou Reed and Kiss.  He was a rock guitar player and songwriter.  He also fronted the Frost and Bossman.  Dick has had an incredible career bought as a song writer and guitar player.  He contributed to some of the greatest albums of all time.

It is with great sadness that we learn of his passing due to respiratory failure according to the Detroit Free Press.  Apparently, Dick Wagner has had several health issues over the past 10 years.  His playing can be heard on Alice Cooper classics ‘Welcome to My Nightmare’ and ‘Only Women Bleed’.  He also worked with Peter Gabriel and Rod Stewart, just to name a few.

Wagner contributed to the music world and will never be forgotten.  The Detroit News posted that Alice Cooper said (in a statement issues by his record company): “Even though we know it’s inevitable, we never expect to suddenly lose close friends and collaborators. Dick Wagner and I shared as many laughs as we did hit records. … His brand of playing and writing is not seen anymore, and there are very few people that I enjoyed working with as much as I enjoyed working with Dick Wagner. A lot of my radio success in my solo career had to do with my relationship with Dick Wagner. Not just on stage, but in the studio and writing. Some of my biggest singles were ballads that I wrote with Dick Wagner. Most of ‘Welcome to My Nightmare’ was written with Dick. There was just a magic in the way we wrote together. He was always able to find exactly the right chord to match perfectly with what I was doing. I think that we always think our friends will be around as long as we are, so to hear of Dick’s passing comes as a sudden shock and an enormous loss for me, rock and roll, and to his family.”

Our hearts go out to Dick’s family, friends and anyone that knew him.  We will pay close attention to his music as we enjoy the music that he helped create.

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