Chris Broderick Meets Digital Guitar Player

Chris Broderick Meets Digital Guitar Player

Chris Broderick

Digital Guitar Player finally had the opportunity to meet with guitar hero, Chris Broderick. We got very lucky when Metal Blade records had reached out to us to do an interview with Chris Broderick (Act of Defiance/Megadeth). Digital Guitar Player editor, Stan Sher had the chance to catch up with Chris Broderick at the winter NAMM 2016 show this past weekend. Chris Broderick meets Digital Guitar Player to discuss his background, Megadeth and his new band called Act of Defiance. Check out the latest record from Act of Defiance called “Birth and the Burial”.

Digital Guitar Player: How old were you when you started playing? Who were your influences?

Chris Broderick: I was about 10 years old. At the time I had met new friends that were musicians. I was bugging one of them to play until I finally picked up my own a cheap $40 guitar and got started. My influences are anyone that is proficient in their craft.

DGP: What was it like to be in Megadeth?

CB: It was awesome as far as the fans, the shows we played and the wonderful places to see around the world. The Big 4 shows were unbelievable. It just came time for me to build my own voice in the music world and move on so I started Act of Defiance.

DGP: Act of Defiance, you certainly partnered up with a killer group of musicians. How is that going?

CB: It’s going awesome. We are going out to our 2nd us tours, Canada and through the midwest and down into Miami for Axes and Anchors cruise next month.

DGP: What brands are you currently endorsed with?

CB: I currently use Jackson guitars. Freckles audio, Ernie balls strings and accessories, Cakewalk sonar recording audio, Dimarzio pickups, planet waves accessories, and Westone audio. You asked LOL.

DGP: You are playing at Randy Rhoads remembered tonight. How much of an influence was randy to your playing?

CB: He was more of a peripheral influence. I was always really into Jake E. lee. Randy was so unique in the way he recorded his solos sometimes triple and overdubbing them. It’s cool to hear how someone can play so many times. I am excited about playing tonight and pay tribute to one of the greats.

DGP: How is the NAMM show shaping up for you?

CB: Really good. I had no idea how it was going to be for me since the last NAMM was so new being that Shawn and I had left megadeath. The dust had not settled. But this year the dust has settled and when I was at the Ernie Ball booth doing signings I was there for over an hour. So it is exciting to see how many fans and supporters I have been developing.

DGP: What is one piece of advice that you have for up and coming guitar player?

1. Make sure you always know you love what you do. Don’t have expectations. If you do not love it then do something else.

2. Always do your best to go out and promote yourself and take every opportunity possible. You never know what even the smallest opportunity can develop into.

DGP: Do you do guitar lessons?

CB: I do skype lessons. My website which is and you can see it on my website.

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