Brett Garsed – October 2014


We sometimes have a difficult time keeping track of some guitar players because there are just so many great ones.  Recently, a friend of ours mentioned an insane guitar solo that was mind blowing on a Derek Sherinian (ex Dream Theater keys) album, “Molecular Heinosity“.  Upon doing some research we found the track called ‘Antarctica’.  Needless to say it made our jaws drop.  The name of the guitarist you ask? The one and only Brett Garsed, a hidden gem from Victoria, Australia.

Garsed sites his influences being Ritchie Blackmore, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, David Gilmour and Jimi Hendrix from the beginning stages of his playing career.  He later evolved as a player by listening to Leo Kottke, Allan Holdsworth, Rory Gallagher, Scott Henderson and Edward Van Halen. Clearly, the man is a progressive guitar player that can play any style in any time signature as evident in the track that we listened to.  We also learn that he has a few solo albums and has played in various projects.  We dug up some insructional material by Brett that is sure to add a twist for guitar players that are constantly looking for inspiration.  We are going to include videos of Brett Garsed. We ask the readers to sit while listening to him play because it is that unreal.  

He is so melodic and full of technique that provides a fluid sound that he is such a joy to enjoy. Digital Guitar Player is proud to announce Brett Garsed as our guitar player of the month.

Derek Sherinian- Antarctica from the album Molecular Heinosity from Fabio Morandi on Vimeo.

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